Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check for the validity of the government scheme for AMAS?


Click on ‘Course Providers

Search for ‘Asia Smart Learning Hub Pte. Ltd.

How does the claims work?

All Singaporeans/PR are eligible to claim their course fees up to 100% under the CITREP+ grant by IMDA. 

  1. Pay $100 deposit to secure your slot (done)
  2. Make remaining payment of $2,400 on the first lesson
  3. Total paid: $2500
  4. Go through the entire course of 6 x 3 hours classes (min. attendance at least 75% – attend at least 5 out of 6 classes)
  5. On the last lesson, there will be a step by step guide on claiming your paid amount of $2,500 on the government portal (depending on your subsidy tier)
What are the claims procedure?

Firstly, we will enrol all trainees on the govt ICMS portal into their system.

Secondly, trainees will attend lessons, fulfil the minimum attendance of at least 75% (Attend at least 5 out of 6 lessons), complete their capstone project.

Finally, in the last lesson, we will be guiding the trainees step-by-step on how to apply for claims on the govt ICMS portal.

Criteria for claims up to 100%?

ONLY for Singaporeans between the age of 17 – 25 years old in the following categories:

1. Full-Time Public University Student
2. Full-Time Polytechnic Student
3. Full-Time ITE Student
4. Full-Time NSF
5. ORD Personnel (ORD Date within 6 months from course start date)

(Full-Time Public University Students only applies to First Bachelor Degree)

Do note that trainees have to submit their subsidy claim documents 7 days before the course start date Instructions will be sent via email to our trainees.

Criteria for claims up to 90%?

Singaporeans/PR in the following categories:

1. Working Professionals (Singaporean, 40 years old and above)
2. Working Professionals sponsored by SME

Criteria for claims up to 70%?

ALL Singaporeans/PRs Working Professional
PR Working Professional (40 years old and above) Sponsored by SME
PR Working Professional Sponsored by Non-SME

What do I have to bring for lessons?

Bring your laptop, charger and a good learning mindset.

What type of Languages or Frameworks will be taught?

For our courses, it will be taught in React Native Framework.

Where will the courses be held at?

Our courses will be held in SMU.

Why are we paying deposits for?

We have limited class slots and is always filled up quickly. Therefore, the deposit is to reserve slots for students who have a real interest for the course.

Are deposits refundable?

Deposits are strictly non-refundable as we have secured your class slot for you and will not give up your slot to anybody else.

Are course fees refundable?

Course fees are strictly non-refundable once you have paid.